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Other Commonly Asked Questions

Appointing an Executor
To ensure your wishes are carried out in accordance with your Will, you should appoint an executor,

Can I make a Will myself?
A Will does not have to be a very complicated document, and as long as you follow certain formalities, you can write a simple Will yourself.

What is a 'Legal' Will?
A "valid" or "legal" Will is one that will be accepted by a court as authentic and can be put into effect by a grant of probate.

Should I make a Will?
Everyone over the age of 18 should have a current legal Will.

Where should I keep my Will?
Once a Will has been written there is no formal requirement for its safekeeping.

Who can dispute my Will?
You often hear or read about a Will being contested in court by a close family member who feels they are either entitled to more.

How do I revoke a Will?
You can do this by including a simple statement at the beginning of the new Will

Sample Will
We have included a sample will for you to have a look at

Should I Make a Will?

Everyone over the age of 18 should have a current legal Will.
However if you are single and without much in the way of property or possessions, the need for a Will may not be so great.

If you have a partner, or if you have children, it is vital to have a current Will regardless of your age or your state of health.

Just as important, if you're not married but living in a de facto relationship, the absence of a Will can cause devastation and heartbreak for the surviving partner. Regardless of the time you have been living together, your de facto relationship may not receive any legal recognition. This means your surviving partner may need to resort to lengthy and expensive legal proceedings in order to prove their entitlements.

Similarly, if you are single and have property and possessions that you would like to leave to family or friends, a Will is the safest and simplest way to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Although it is easy to think of a Will as being something that can be left until much later in life, the simple fact is that life is full of uncertainty. None of us know what tomorrow will bring. That's why making a Will is both a responsibility and an act of love, and every adult - regardless of age or wealth - should have a current legal Will.